Emergency Management is the overarching framework for communities to cope with disasters. In Vermont towns that generally means fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), police, and public works.More information about Emergency Management and emergency services, including key phone numbers, is in this flyer: (Danville Emergency Management Flyer)

Danville Emergency Volunteer Roster Program (click here for details)

Send email to:  gherrin.danvillevt@gmail.com with a subject line of:  Danville EVR

Danville Emergency Volunteer Roster

Danville Emergency Management wants YOU!…for the Emergency Volunteer Roster (EVR). We’re looking for Danville residents who might be willing and able to help out during amajor emergency.

When a rare calamitous emergency hits, such as heavy flooding, a major ice storm, or a hurricane, local responders may be stretched very thin. During such a crisis, volunteers could assist in some support duties that would free responders to perform the tasks that only they are trained and equipped to do.First responders are extremely capable and have many avenues to get support through mutual aid or the state for large incidents. However, if something terrible happens and all the area responders are busy, Incident Commanders might look to volunteers for support doing things like: – Guarding a washed-out or blocked road to prevent accidents – Checking neighborhoods for damage – Helping to search for a missing person – Staffing a warming center during a long power outageVolunteers are never under any obligation – providing contact information represents a general willingness to help during anemergency, but the decision whether or not to perform a specific response task at any given time is always your choice.This is a very low-intensity program – we hope literally never to use it! If you sign up, odds are the only thing you’ll see is aonce-a-year confirmation message and an invitation to an optional annual event. We will never share or post your contact information.If you would like to sign up for Danville’s EVR, please send an email to gherrin.danvillevt@gmail.com, Emergency Management Coordinator, with your name, street address, phone number(s), and any brief notes on any potentially useful emergency resources you might have such as an ATV, horse, drone, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  • Vermont Alert:  This free system allows registered individuals to select the type of messages they want to receive (weather alerts, road closures, hazmat releases) by the method that they prefer (landline, cell phone, email, text message).


  • Citizens Assistance Registry for Emergencies (CARE) allows individuals to self-identify their needs and report it to E911. E911 then follows up with individuals on a regular basis to ensure the information is accurate.
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