Michael Hogue, mhogue@outlook.com, is the Train Station Coordinator, charged with the authority and responsibility to track, lead, and coordinate implementation of renovations, restoration, and/or revitalization of the Danville Train Station until such actions are complete.

The Train Station Committee did fantastic work for the Town of Danville to bring this long-worked-for project to fruition.  The Selectboard is very grateful to the members of that public body especially as they continue their volunteer work through completion. With construction now under way, the Selectboard appointed the former chair as a temporary town official to replace the committee-of-a-commission and help keep things on track by minimizing the administrative overhead.

Exhibits A-1 & A-2 – Town of Danville Lease – B04120-00




Train Station Committee Charter 20210128

No Meeting 3-14-23 – cancelled
No Meeting 2-14-23 – cancelled
No August meeting
Regularly Scheduled August 10th meeting changed to August 17th