Danville Bulky Waste Spring 5-4-24


Danville TOWN PLAN 2024 PC Report

Danville TOWN PLAN 2024 DRAFT

A Guide to Spring Cleaning: “What Do I Do with this?”

CRIBBAGE:  Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm from April 3 until June 12th ($5 per person)
4215 Bruce Badger Memorial Highway, North Danville (Community Building)

Marshfield-Danville NH PS19(1) Construction Update 040524

Marshfield-Danville NH PS19(1) Construction Update 041224

Marshfield-Danville NH PS19(1) Construction Update 041924

Danville Town Newsletter 2023-08

Town of Danville Bylaw Modernization Study – The Town of Danville is seeking a qualified consultant to review the Town’s Zoning Bylaws against recommended best practices that align with the Town Plan, with a specific focus on affordable housing and energy efficiency. To view the current Town Plan Bylaws use these links: Town Plan and Bylaws

Thinking of participating in Town government?  Planning Commission, Conservation Commission, and Development Review Board would love your participation.  For details email: adeprospero@danvillevt.gov  

LVRT (LAMOILE VALLEY RAIL TRAIL): Click here for Trail Section Maps

2014 Shared Pathway and Sidewalk Scoping Study

Fire Department Application

Dog licenses due – contact Town Clerk or go to Dog Licensing

A person who fails to license a dog or wolf-hybrid in the required manner may be fined up to $500.00.  [20 V.S.A. § 3550(a)]

Request to Post Temporary Signs on Danville Town Property

Fire Warden Jason Crocker
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