The committee was formed to study Town Meeting.  They meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the meeting room of Town Hall on the first floor.  Entry is through the side door of building.

The mission of the Town Meeting Committee is as follows:

1. The Town Meeting Committee identifies options for enhancing local participatory democracy in traditional Town Meeting by conducting research, soliciting and considering public input, and making recommendations to the Selectboard and School Board by January 2025.
2. The output of this committee should not be a single course of action, but a set of feasible, acceptable, and suitable options that the Selectboard and School Board can choose from to begin to implement with the 2025 Town Meeting, subject to ultimate approval by the voters of the Town.
3. The committee should make an interim report at the 2024 Town Meeting and preceding information meetings.

Their Charter is:  Town Meeting Committee Charter

Members of the Town Committee are:
Glenn Herrin
Alison Low
Clayton Cargill
Eric Hutchins
Alice Kitchel
Tom Ziobrowski, Chair

Alison Despathy


8-29-23:  Agenda and Minutes
Additional Information:
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10-4-23 Agenda and  Minutes
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12-6-23 Agenda and Minutes 12-6-23