Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission meets the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at Town Hall. 

To contact the Conservation Commission send emails to:

Conservation Facebook page:


Tree Warden:  Wes Everts (

Members:                           Term:

Evangelyn Morse, Chair      2024

Vacant                                  2024

Vacant                                  2023

Jacob Langmaid                   2022

Deborah Yonker                   2023

Brian Henderson                  2024

Bridget Ferrin-Smith            2022

Thomas Forster                    2023

Debra Bixby                         2022


Informational Items:

EAB ltr from ANR

EAB info from Vermont Department of Forest

One page summary of EAB Preparedness Plan for Danville. 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Preparedness Plan adopted 2-7-19

Tree Ordinance adopted 2-7-19

Rodgers Lot Forest Management Plan Amendment 2-3-20

Rodgers Lot Forest Management Plan

Pumpkin Hill Forest Management Plan

North Danville Town Forest Bird Habitat Assessment

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