A resident of any town in Vermont must get their Marriage License from the Town Clerk of that town. In the event that both parties reside in separate towns within the state, they may obtain the license in either town.

Out of state parties wishing to marry in Vermont may obtain their license from any Town Clerk within the State. The license DOES NOT need to be obtained in the town in which the marriage takes place.

Our office strongly suggests that both applicants be present to obtain the license.

Marriage License

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Justices of the Peace are: Eric Bach, Ted Houle, Virginia Incerpi, Dianne Langmaid (expiring Febuary 1, 2019), Jane Larrabee, Julie Larrabee (effective February 1, 2019), Justin Lavely, Kenneth Linsley, Bruce Melendy, Lindsey Mitchell (effective February 1, 2019), Robert Sargent (expiring February 1, 2019), and Phyllis Sweeney.


Note: State law requires that town clerk’s satisfy themselves that you are both free to marry under Vermont laws. In Danville, both applicants should be present when obtaining their marriage license. Our Office hours are 8-4, Monday through Friday.

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