Train Station Sub-Committee

Train Station Committee Charter 20210128

The Planning Commission has organized a Train Station Sub-Committee.  The sub-committee has been tasked with obtaining funding for the Conditions Assessment and Feasibility Study and moving the restoration and reimaging of the Train Station and associated property forward.

The sub-committee will meet monthly, and public participation is encouraged and welcomed.  If you would like more information, please contact Chair Michael Hogue at

Members of the Train Station Committee are as follows:

Michael Hogue, Sally Fishburn, Rob Balivet, Ross Meaders, Catherine Whitehead, Patricia Conly, Laural Ruggles, Ted Houle, Stan Pekala, Keith Gadapee, Alison Low, Kitty Toll, Tim Ide, Peter Crosby

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No Meeting 3-14-23 – cancelled
No Meeting 2-14-23 – cancelled
No August meeting
Regularly Scheduled August 10th meeting changed to August 17th
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