The DRB meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at Town Hall at 5:30pm. 

Any questions for the DRB need to go through the Zoning Administrator who can be contacted by emailing or calling 684-3426 ext. 204.

These minutes are for informational purposes only.  If you would like an official copy please contact the Town Clerk’s office. 

To view Zoning Permits, Bylaws, etc., click here.

For information on committee, click here.

For any additional detailed information on hearings and permits contact Zoning Administrator.  To view associated permits for hearings, click here.


4-5-23 Notice of Hearing (permit 2023-06)

3-15-23 Notice of Hearing (permits 2023-03 & 2023-04)

1-18-23 Notice of Hearing (permit 2022-89)Decision 2022-89


10-5-22 No Hearing
9-21-22 No Hearing
8-17-22 No Hearing
8-3-22 No Hearing
7-20-22 No Hearing
6-15-22 No Hearing
6-1-22 No Hearing
5-18-22 No Hearing
4-6-22 No Hearing
3-2-22 No Hearing
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