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Danville Green Cemetery is a private cemetery located on Brainerd Street, and is the cemetery most utilized.

Board of Directors

Chris Vance, President          684-2537
Dianne Langmaid, VP          748-4038
Duane Webster, Treasurer     684-2230
Ginnie Morse, Clerk             684-3886
Jane Larrabee, Trustee          684-3398
Garren Calkins, Trustee        684-2255
Sharon Daniell, Trustee        684-3815

Residents of Danville                                       Non-Residents of Danville

One Single Lot     $    600.00                            One Single Lot    $ 1,200.00
Double Lot           $    900.00                            Double Lot          $ 1,800.00
Lot of Three         $ 1,200.00                            Lot of Three        $ 2,400.00
Lot of Four           $ 1,600.00                            Lot of Four          $ 3,200.00

Prices include four corner stones

Please do not plant trees, shrubs or perennials. Two pots per lot are allowed and must be within one foot of stone. Please, no planting at foot of grave.

Pots need to be removed before October 15

Flags will be removed two weeks after Memorial Day.


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